Terms of Service

Gourmet Traveler and its agents act only as agents for the passenger with respect to services provided passengers by others including and not limited to the airline industry, hotels, restaurants, sightseeing and transportation (such as aircraft, motor coach, railroad, steamship, cruise line, automobile or other conveyance). Gourmet Traveler and its agents expressly disclaim all responsibility or liability of any nature whatsoever for loss, damage or injury to property or person due to any cause whatsoever, occurring during the tour under their management, sponsorship, procurement or otherwise and the tour participant agrees to waive any claim against Gourmet Traveler for any injury, loss, damage, defect in any vehicle, or act, omission, negligence, accident, error or default or any company or person engaged in providing such services to the tour. Gourmet Traveler reserves the right to change dates, times, and rates when such changes are compelled by circumstances beyond its control. Gourmet Traveler reserves the right to withdraw a tour or any portion of the tour at anytime or make changes in the published itinerary whenever in its sole judgment conditions warrant or if it deems it necessary for the comfort, convenience or safety of the passengers. The motor coach concern shall not be held responsible for any act, omission or event during the time passengers are not on board the conveyance. The sole and exclusive responsibility and liability of the motor coach company shall be in accordance with and as limited by the contract carrier in the passenger’s ticket and the applicable tariffs.

All tour services including but not limited to hotels, restaurants, guide services, cruise line, airlines and other transportation are furnished by contractors that are independent and do not act for or on the behalf of Gourmet Traveler.