Cancellation Policy

One Day Tours:

All one day tours are not refundable, once they are booked.

Multi Day Tours:

60 – 99 days before departure 75% of Trip Cost*
30 – 59 days before departure 50% of trip Cost*
Less than 30 days No Refund

*the cost of show tickets is not refundable once purchased.

If Gourmet Traveler cancels your tour, you will receive a full refund.

International Tours:

Cancellation policies are set by the company or cruise line offering the tour. Be sure to read and understand the cancellation policy before you book. A link to the cancellation policy is shown on each trip’s webpage.

Travel insurance is available for international tours and cruises. You may purchase your own or purchase through the cruise line or tour company.

There are no exceptions to the cancellation policy.

Non-recoverable expenses are pre-paid expenses incurred by Gourmet Traveler, such as tours, meals etc.